7 Reasons Why Your Commercial Refrigeration System Needs Scheduled Maintenance

It’s a common misconception that when your commercial refrigeration system is functioning properly, you can put off scheduling maintenance services.

Leading Edge Mechanical Inc works with many clients in the restaurant, grocery, convenience store, and catering businesses, and we’re here to warn you against neglecting your equipment’s routine maintenance. Below, we’ve outlined some key reasons to perform preventative maintenance on your commercial refrigeration system.

Decrease Your Chances of an Expensive Refrigeration Emergency

If your commercial refrigeration system fails, it can spell doom for your business’s finances. While you most likely set aside a certain amount for emergency repairs, large appliances like your commercial refrigerator can cost thousands of dollars to fix and even more to replace. You must also consider how your refrigeration system failing might affect your business’s bottom line when valuable inventory is ruined, and you may not be able to satisfy your customer demands.

With scheduled preventative maintenance checkups for your refrigeration equipment, you’ll considerably reduce your chances of encountering an expensive refrigeration emergency out of nowhere. A qualified technician on your maintenance job will undertake a thorough performance check of all your refrigeration appliance’s components to identify any issues. They’ll then be able to either solve those issues before they build into a major breakdown or warn you ahead of time if your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Protect Against Harmful Germs and Diseases

A poor refrigeration system can allow various germs and diseases to thrive inside it. As a commercial business, you can face serious and costly consequences if you’re unable to provide your customers with safe, properly stored food or other items.  

Large appliances, like your commercial refrigerator and ice machines, are highly susceptible to bacterial and mold growth due to the moisture they retain. Furthermore, cool air leaking from these appliances can lower temperatures within their storage space, causing some foods to not be safe for consumption.

When you hire a professional to service your refrigeration system regularly, you’re ensuring that it can maintain the right temperature to keep items safe. With the appropriate treatments and chemicals, a refrigeration technician will ensure your unit protects your precious food against salmonella, legionella, listeria, and other food-borne illnesses. Any bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other harmful micro-organisms lurking in your unit and possibly contaminating your food will be eliminated.

Conserve Energy and Save Money

If you have a loose or torn gasket in your refrigerator, it’s caked with gunk, or its drain line is clogged, your unit is using more energy than usual to keep its contents at the required temperature.

Conserving energy is crucial for two reasons: being environmentally friendly and saving money on energy costs. When your commercial refrigeration system undergoes regular maintenance, a skilled and trained technician will identify the poorly performing elements of your system that are causing it to utilize more energy to regulate its internal temperature. They will provide either an on-the-spot fix or recommend an energy-efficient replacement that fits your needs.

Enhance the Quality and Safety of Your Products

Your restaurant or catering business is highly valued in your community because of the quality and safety of the food you deliver. It’s a matter of pride for you and essential to the bottom line for your business that your standards are maintained consistently. You’re also aware of how irregular refrigeration performance can alter your product’s taste and safety.

When you recruit a maintenance team to service your commercial refrigeration system, they can ensure your equipment is well-maintained so your customers are delivered only high-quality food and beverages that accurately represent your business values.

Decrease Commercial Refrigeration System Repair Bills

It might sound contradictory, but the truth is that by investing in scheduled maintenance, your business can enjoy fewer repair bills. Catching a build-up, a clogged part, or a faulty component early on means it can be fixed before your refrigeration system wears itself out trying to keep up. Preventative maintenance services are proven to detect any signs of underperformance in your commercial refrigeration system’s core components early and correct them with minimal cost and disruption.

When you save more money down the line with elite maintenance solutions, you’ll know it’s the right strategy to maintain your equipment throughout its lifetime.

Increase the Longevity of Your Commercial Refrigeration System

As a business owner, you have plenty of valuable and expensive investments. You may be constantly worried about if and when they might break down and how much of your revenue will be drained to fix them when it happens. Maintaining the value of your assets is a crucial part of being a business owner, so you’re only helping yourself by putting your investment in the hands of a routine commercial refrigeration system maintenance crew.

Professional services will be sure to report to you signs of aging components that need to be replaced so your complete system can enjoy a long-lasting shelf life. Keeping equipment in tip-top shape is critical for any business that relies on constant refrigeration and can be achieved through regular, pre-scheduled maintenance.

Cut the Risk of Downtime

We all know what the effects of downtime are. If your refrigeration system breaks down on you, you have to dispose of all your inventory stored in it, put your business on hold, and apologize to your customers for the lack of service. This is a frustrating experience that heavily impacts your business’s revenue.

If you have routine maintenance done on your equipment, you’ll be notified ahead of time if your system is too old, on the verge of breaking down, or in dire need of replacement. You can then devise the right solutions while your business operations remain unimpeded.

Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance Service for Peace of Mind

Many people only worry about their equipment when it breaks down—and we believe this is a costly mistake. If you’re attentive to maintenance when your system is up and running, it reduces your chances of surprise breakdowns, dangerous mold growth, emergency repairs, and deteriorating efficiency.

From leaking cool air and clogged drain lines to bacteria and mold growth, there are many dangers your refrigeration system is vulnerable to. Consider regularly scheduled preventative maintenance similar to an insurance policy—a smaller short-term cost that protects you and your business against potentially devastating eventualities.

If you’ve read through this post and realized the need for preventative maintenance on your commercial refrigeration system, we invite you to find out what Leading Edge Mechanical Inc can do to keep your system running smoothly by speaking to our experts at (218) 237-5125.